Father, in the Name of Jesus, thank you for declaring this year as “The

Year Of FAVOUR!!” I have received from my man of God the declaration

that you have given to him. Therefore, I am entitled to covenant FAVOUR,

covenant kindness, excessive kindness, preferential treatment, and unfair

partiality. Because I am the righteousness of God, FAVOUR surrounds me

like a shield everywhere I go and in everything I do. I expect FAVOUR to be

in full manifestation every day of my life! It is undeniable, unexplainable,

uncontainable, unstoppable FAVOUR; which will produce great victories,

supernatural recognition, overwhelming peace, and divine increase!

Thank you Father that you have favoured me, I am your favorite. That’s

why all the conditions of my life turn into favourable ones. I can’t lose

for winning, winning is what I do all the days of my life! Look out

circumstances! Look out situations! FAVOUR is moving like a freight train;

removing pain, stain, stress, and strain. I believe it, I receive it, and it’s

mine In Jesus' name!